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Another Holy Grail post *grumble grumble*

I'll star off with the entire collection and work my way down to the AMAZING new items that make me flip out just a little every time I look over at them XD

My collection is overflowing and is so disorganized .__. Ikea trip is a must.

Charmander is the only poke that can fit on the original shelf now XD And there's no more room for plush on that shelf...

I really need to get organized ;---;

Now for the stuff!
My birthday was last week and I got some cool poke-goods :3

Double trouble! :D Why are there two? Well shrines got me one for my birthday right after I had gotten one from Gin XDDD Not like I care, there's lots of cute to go around now *huggles*.

Charizard UFO Yay! :DDD This is one of the cutest charizard plush ever....and now I am only one plush away from having all the ones I want :3
Anyone have a charizard pokedoll ;-; If not to sell, does anyone have a good picture that they took themselves?

This tin....wow. This tin. shrines got it for me from ebay just for the tin (so cute!) but it turns out it was an UNOPENED tin FULL of topps cards!
I of course had to open all of the pack and didn't get anything good, but it was so much fun!
And as you can see from the keyboard behind it...this tin is also HUGE :D

Buneary clipping from shrines and bastiodon clipping (SO ADORABLE :D) from amberthedd

Not birthday plush/stuff :D

Why is this plush so ugly ;-; I had to buy it since it was 4$ but it's sooooooo scary looking *cries* I love you shieldon, I really do.

Kyogre and his super secrit lvr Grumpy-don (shhh! don't tell ho-oh). They have to sit apart from each other to prevent drama llamas. Plush from crimson_angel02

A Magmar zukan? Whaaaat? I hate this line..
Well, now that I have the zukan (a present from crimson_angel02) I actually like them a little. Not enough to buy anything more though.
Crap, I kinda want the booburn UFO now ;-;

Random stuff from lots of people. :D Thanks so much everyone! Though I think the stamper part of the stamp got lost ;-; I'm very sad about that now, hopefully it's in the vacuum.


happyjolteon and denkimouse own my soul. Thanks to those two I have 3 of the rarest char goods I know about :3 And thanks to happyjolteon I managed to get 4 of my most wanted items in just a few months (these kids and the char zukan). :D I am so happy right now. I really truly am.

This pic really shows off their colors. I thought charmander looked kinda like boogers XD but now that I have him in hand I couldn't have been more wrong. :P
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