Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Jakks Shinx FINALLY :DDD

GAH finally my work got in the new Jakks plushies!! I grabbed a shinx up for myself, and a glameow up for 216handsbound. The new line of plush are extreemly detailed, and about the size of a pokedoll.

I also have a Shinx for you too kiraraslemon,if you arn't interested in it anymore just let me know, I'll just offer it for sale <3 if you still have the umbreon blok on its way I would even be willing to work out some sorta trade if you want!

Proper Collection photos to come when I get in more packages from the community ^^;

Here's my Shinx meeting my boyfriend's Flareon...


And here's the extra Shinx with Gwen's Glameow. They were hanging out in the back with the Wiis and new releases till I could purchase them when I got off :3



Also..I know I asked this awhile back but...has anyone heard from FLYGON aka Zukanranger? We had a card trade for zukan going on...well..I wanna say aroundin March...I havnt heard from him :C :C :C


everyone should go congratulate pheonixxfoxx she won A "Hobo's" Giant NYC Suicune :P lol
Tags: collection, flareon, glameow, shinx
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