Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wall of ShAAAaaaaAAaaaame!!

Just an unpleasant sticky notice that will be up for a few days. Please remember to occasionally check the WALL OF SHAME as we do not always make big large announcements for minor bannings that are not causing immediate "danger".

We have however recently been checking off puppet accounts for the banned member everyone dreaded dealing with, natsume_85. Her so far discovered puppet accounts are kireihana1 and oshamaruberry. Please look out for a member in Peru with names or an IP similar to the ones on the wall of shame. This member is quite unstable and has sent abusive and threatening messages to other members, most recently, your evil ruler, me! If you sell to her she will probably never pay or open a dispute once she gets the item. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS MEMBER! And REPORT anyone who might be her!

Some fun excerpts sent to me of the sort of things you may get sent to you if you choose to deal with this person. Enjoy!

"But you're a fat cow and very ugly, that's not my fault, when I saw a pic of you in the comm I had nausea for 3 days. You gotta deal with it."

"Take my mother's name off your fucking list or I'm gonna find a way to kill you. You think I cannot go to Japan and find you? I AM, alike you, japanese born. I can go any time I want, and guess who's keeping the envelope you sent me once."

Some old but fun ones:
"OMG, you got my mother's full name, what am I gonna do now? By the way, my father is Julio and so is my brother, so I won't be using their paypal accounts because I know you're very smart and you will figure out it's me. Now that you know all the family, you can come on Christmas!"

And this was sent to another member last year.
"Hey, motherfucker, gues who already have a new account in the comm. What are you gonna do, report me? That fatass is really stupid is she thinks she can keep me away with ONE IP address."

So my point is, don't bother!
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