Rachel ♥ (digivolution) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel ♥

A collection update (finally) + Sales

Well I finally got my good camera back so I can make a collection update :)

My beloved 'chu set from featherclaw :) I love them so much!

My first Kid is from pacificpikachu! So cute, little Nida and Nido are by each other :) And wtf what are you doing there Demiveemon?

DERP! Bibarel sticker from taycs, plus the neat little card from the Darkrai event.

Naked sculpey doof that I made :) Haven't painted it yet.

A little clay Voltorb I made for invader_julie for fun!

Another view of the sculpey Voltorb:

I freaking LOVE that Rhydon figure XD

Now for the sales. I was thinking of selling these things: Chansey plush, Bulbasaur plush, Psyduck plush, and the little Togepi figure. If you want to make an offer on anything else, go for it, it doesn't hurt to ask. I just need some extra money and I want to sell off the things that don't mean as much to me. MAKE AN OFFER.

Thanks :)
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