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3 Commisions still open!! 1 item for sale

1killerjaw01- Pika evo Paid and shipped
soddymothdust - team- awaiting payment I havnt heard anything back from you please let me know if your still intrested

These are 6 inch tall clothespins and are all handpainted! They make great desk decorations and collection additions

Shipping will be 4.75 to anywhere in the US. They will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail which has an estimated arrival date of 2-3 days
Shipping to the UK will be $10.50 First Class International Mail which has a undeterminded arival time
Keep in mind that these are 100% hand painted each one takes hours of work and some of the amount also goes to pay for the price of paint. 
2 pokemon- 1 on each side of the clothespin = $6.50 with shipping it will total $11.25  
4 pokemon 2 on each side of the clothespin =  $8.50 with shipping it will total $12.75
6 pokemon 3 on each side of the clothespin =  $9.50 with shipping it will total $14.25
depending on the pokemon I might not be able to fit 3 on each side 
I will not start working on your commision untill I get payment post a comment and I will respond with your total and tell you my paypal 
Paypal only
 These clothespins are a huge 6 inches tall and are painted with acrylic paints 

You can buy with confidence My parents are ebay powersellers  withing the last year they have had
1246 positive feedbacks leftwith a ebay store. We go to the post office and ship out items daily  when your item is finnished I will be sure to tell you and it will be shipped the next day (Monday-Friday)
 I will try to finnish all orders a soon as I get them It will probably take me 1 to 2 days to finnish each 
If you would like to order please fill out this form 
Pokemon on Side 1:
Pokemon on Side 2
Background color:
 They will all have a pokeball put on the bottom just like the one pictured.

Sale: 12.00 total with shipping to anywhere in the US 

Thanks for looking 


All purchases will go to my skymin collection 

(PLEASE DONT STEAL animation made by me)


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