Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

have you ever found yourself suddenly liking and collecting a pokemon you'd basically hated a week or even a day ago?

it was with the announcement than this summer would not be all shaymins but also include some new giant plushies of rarely-merched pokemon, that i stared and stared at the ambipom plushie. i want it. it's cute and ambipom is a sunyshore pokemon trained by volkner. it belongs with me. but its huge and i already will have shinx and luxray. so wtf....? i always disliked ambipom >=( wtf, really? i'm having an internal battle over this plush. get a huge plush i have no room for? or don't get it and regret it later when its not in machines and expensive on auction?

when at toys r us in ikebukuro the other day, aftertheheaven threw this little guy into my basket. i stared at her. she said "its in there, you can't take it out now." she was right. not only couldnt i, but i didnt want to.

now i feel like i need octillery kids.... welcome to my mini sunyshore gym playset, complete with rotating platforms. and ambipom kid. AUGH! (BTW, i've had that particular raichu kids for about 7 years now, a gift from the same aftertheheaven long ago :D)

so yeah. ever had a similar expierience?

anyway, BIG updates on collections this weekend, as i have so many coming soon raichus and lions @_@ that the coming soon images are all huge and crazy XD

aaaaand all paid-for sunyshore orders will be out by tuesday/wednesday, just to repeat :)
Tags: ambipom, luxray, raichu
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