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Received Items and Charms Shipped

I received a bunch of packages while my boyfriend was away so when I got to his house it was like my birthday, haha! I'm not sure exactly when they arrived but I received kids/figures from ambertdd , happyjolteon , regen , shuriken_chan , pheonixxfoxx , castform (thanks for the extra kid! I hope that wasn't a mistake ^^;). I hope I didn't forget anyone...

Anyhow~ I'm still awaiting packages from badgerr_ftw , kefanii , and pkmn_masta. (I think that's everyone)

Also, kefanii and wereblood , your charms were shipped saturday (sorry, that was the first opportunity to go to the post office). castform , your charms will ship tomorrow.

On a side note, charm shop commissions are still closed while I finish up art for customers on another site.

Sorry for all the usernames in this post! :-P
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