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Collection Update, A Cautionary Tale, and a SALES POST

I recently bid on a huge lot of figures. The picture was small, but I could make out a Growlithe, some Stars, and a bunch of other popular Pokémon people collect, like Eevee and the Legendary Birds. I took a chance and bid high on the lot, because I figured I could easily make back what I spent, assuming these were from the same line of super small, super rare, high-quality figures I bought a few months back.
The user got their account suspended on eBay before I could pay. I browsed their feedback and saw one negative where they sold somebody a counterfeit designer purse. That should have tipped me off right away something was amiss. :/
So instead of forgetting about it like any sane person, I emailed them and asked if I could still have the lot. A Paypal address was given, and I got confirmation the items were shipped.
Got them today... the first thing I noticed was that they shipped it in a granola bar box that had been turned inside out. :/ Classy. And all the figures were stuffed together inside a ziplock bag. I paid collectable price for these, and they were treated like garage sale toys. And then I realized there were an AWFUL lot of what seemed to be bootlegs in there. >_< I was kicking myself, especially when I saw the Growlithe was the same in-case collection Growlithe I already own. About half the toys look legit, and half look really wonky. It's really hard to tell on a few of them though.
Moral of the story: Don't go nuts over something you only have a small picture of. And if someone is b& from eBay, there's probably a good reason for it.

Anyways, it's not all bad... here are the ones I decided to keep. I'm assuming some kind of water attack is supposed to be coming from Starmie's gem where there's a hole, but it wasn't included in the package. I love the Koffing, he looks high.

So anyways, I'm selling off all the figures I don't want. I'll take trades too (I'll even trade for another bootleg if it's a Pokémon I like!) Here is my trades wishlist:

While many of these look very legit (for instance, this disgustingly cute Nidoking I am tempted to keep...), there ARE bootlegs included in this lot, so the safest thing would be to assume they are all fakes.

SALES POLICIES: I take paypal only. No holding of items- if you claim something and I don't hear back within 3 days, it goes back up for grabs. Shipping will be a flat $3 worldwide for up to 6 figures. Minimum order: $1

These are all the ones that LOOK legit to me. They're better painted, made from sturdier plastic, and just generally feel higher-quality than the rest. Some are borderline cases, but I tried to use my best judgment. Each figure is 50 cents apiece.

These are the more obviously bootlegged ones, of the damaged ones. Many have imperfections in the plastic, or look like they were painted by a blind squirrel on crack. You can have one Obvious Bootleg free with your paid order, or buy them for 25 cents apiece.

Important: When ordering, please include what you are buying in the Paypal memo! Even if I know you, this will help better my organization of orders. PLEASE don't forget!
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