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Turtwig Update.

So I was at Walgreens today and I went over to they toy section. Now usually the walgreens around me don’t stock anything good. Well I looked anyway to see if there were any hidden gems among all of the other toys. Well I was glad I looked because I found a Jakks Turtwig single pack! It was also the only Turtwig there. Now I know its not really rare or special but, the Toys R Us, Targets and KB Toys I go to no longer have them in single packs and I didn’t feel like getting a three pack with figures I wasn’t interested in such as Cherrim and Pikachu. I already had the Turtwig marble but there’s something different about it so I may keep it.

Jakks Turtwig says hi!

I am also happy that it had a nice paint job too unlike my Jakks Dialga.... Oh well.

All my little Twiggy's minus the other Majestic Dawn card which I can't find right now.

Now about those marbels.... they look the same, except that one is lighter than the other and it's not because of the flash on my camera.

It almost looks like its a shiny Turtwig. Although then it would need to be more blueish.
Still it does sorta look like it's shiny because of it's paint job.

Now the reason I have these trainer cards in my Twiggy collection...but I guess that was obvious right?

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