Amanda (caterpie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Package package package =O

So apparently the post office is lame and decided that even though I got a package last monday, they couldn't give it to me until now. Bleh for you, post office.
Anyway! Since I like photostories I figured I'd make one myself. x3

This one's from pheonixxfoxx ^^

So, on to the story!

Eevee: Ooooh, what's that? =D *goes and calls the others*

Eevee: Look everybody, giant box! Giant box!
Flareon: It is very big, indeed.
Pie: Fear not, I'll open it!

Pie: ... or not.
Mama Pie: ._.; oh dear...

Eevee: Scizzor Scizzor! =D
Dragonair: Watch out, don't get yourself cut with that!

Eevee: *nomnom*

Mewie: Look, look! There's someone in there!

Whoever is in the package: Need.. air... x.x

So after more fights with the scizzor... 8D

Mewie: Nice, more tiny friends for us! =D
Weedle: I'm gonna eat jooo~
Mewie: ... No you're not. o.o

And so everybody had a party at the... Funny soft things. Which Eevee still wants to eat.

That was longer but I figured it was too long already. xD So you had a chance to see some of my Tomys and tiny figures, which happen to be the only ones with nicknames since I ran out of criativity for naming the Tomys. New caterpie gets to be Baby Pie since he's so much smaller than the others. And I love him so much, too cute <3333

.... Hope you all enjoyed? ^^"
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