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Collection Update 1/3

Okay, it has been forever since I've posted on here, and even longer since a collection update (since june xD).
If you wanted to keep up to date, follow my collection based Tumblr, Ushigocollect

It's spring break for me, and I decided that since I finally have some time, I will do an update. This time around I will focus on my favorite

These guys, I don't even know, these shroomies are too adorable (at least to me).
This update will be only a partial update from the last one, I feel as if I am forgetting some things, but when summer comes, I will redo a full update.
OKAY, DON'T FEEL BAD IF I DIDN'T INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME, All of this stuff has come to me over the last year, and would be quite a task to track down everyone, but if you recognize these as yours, please speak up ^^

Aeon can badges, left in package, I like leaving things in the package if I can, Collecting older pokemon like Jigglypuff and even Heatran makes finding MIP things difficult to find.

Pokemon with you foongus wants a hug ;w;

I don't even know what these are, but they are of my bbys

Dot sprite charms are too adorable, foongus was one of the lucky few to have been in the previous dot sprite merchandise as well, with the tins, and the pins

Here is that pin, it is so little. words cannot even describe.

Dot sprite clearfile, it is a cool clearfile regardless, but has every pokemon except keldeo and meloetta curiously enough (before therian formes and BW2)

Stickers with 3D parts, it looks cool with their caps sticking out
Thanks to maractus

Lenticular amoonguss, and a tattoo of the pokeball shroom from maractus

Furikake pack, or whatever they are called, and two puzzle piece things with more generic art of my bbys

Childrens book foongus, poor little guy is all scared D:

Playing card foongus spittin his poison at you x3
any new poses are welcome

Stickers from maractus
We keep our eyes out for stuff for each other
shiny beauties ;w;

Pokemon rumble stickers, holy crap SO ADORABLE I CANTEVENWORDSFAILME (from captainangel)
and dat bandaid... I need every foongus.....

every one...

like terrible bootie foongus.

and this, you may ask why

This is why, bbys balancing little pie things on their heads

I think this pretty much catches you all up to date, at least with foongus.
Keep your eyes out for part 2 and 3, which will contain Heatran and Jigglypuff.

I have a few more things on the way (TCG mostly), but if you see anything that isn't on this post, this one or this one please let me know
I need all the foongies and amoongies. I have a list of things I need, but I need to put all the pictures together still.
Tags: amoonguss, collection, foongus
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