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Packages, Target Sales and Burger King, Oh My!

Ah-ha! My prediction came true! I got my package from usakochan and one of my Ebay packages today!

Ooo, envelope! With a prize inside! *shaka shaka*

Aipom: Now, what's in here...?

Aipom: Oh, neat! But I'm much cuter in person.

Aipom: And a Shiny! My Shiny!

Close-up of the Ambipom coin:

...And of the Aipom pin:

usakochan, Thanks Much for the awesome Aipom-Ambipom stuffs!

Meanwhile, after Aipom had left with her "prizes" in tow, Buizel and Shellos discovered another package lying around...

Shellos: I wonder where Aipom went...she likes to investigate the packages that arrive...
Buizel: Aw, she won't mind. Hello, buddy! Don't worry, we'll get you out!
Shellos: Who's in there?

It's one of my relatives, finally!
Shellos: Aw, so you get a mini-you, like Aipom? Yay!
Little Buizel: Let me out! It's stuffy!

Little Buizel: Pleased to meetcha!
Buizel: This room is easy to get lost in, so just stick with the Pokemon on the shelf and you'll be fine!
Little Buizel: Ok!
Shellos: Aw, now I'm the only one with no relatives here...

A close-up of Little Buizel:

The marble that came with Little Buizel:

Okay, but that's not all! Target had a bunch of their Pokemon stuff on sale so I got a couple of things that I've had my eye on for a while. Here they are:

Chimchar and Piplup keychains-Chimchar has only one nostril. Fortunately I have the supplies to fix that:

Stickers-The first sheet I've had for quite a while, but when I got the second sheet today, I decided to show them both off:

Also, I was finally able to find a Burger King that had the Pokemon toys and cards. Annnnd....I got the Pachirisu card holder and the Monferno card. Yay!:

Okay, that's it for now...I'm  waiting on a couple more things (like my awesome Buizel Kid!) to arrive, so I'll have more pictures later.

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