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~SlothyShroom Wants~

Yes, you get a boring want post from me today as I still haven't gotten the time to take "NICE" pictures of my holy grail item just yet. Lots to come though.

Anyway, I'm after a bunch of stuff, mostly items that have been on my want page forever. I thought since there is a drought in promotions I might as well catch up on my wants.


I'm after the following and have been searching high and low for said items.


I've also decided I want to collect figures and plush of Zigzagoon line.
*Zigzagoon UFO Plush (WANT SO HARD) Will pay $100+ for it!****
*Zigzagoon Bean***
*Zigzagoon Megablok***
*Zigzagoon "Tail Whip" Kid
*Zigzagoon Clear "Tail Whip" Kid***
*Zigzagoon Front View Pan Sticker
*American Zigzagoon Bean
*Hasbro Zigzagoon Figure
*Zigzagoon Bottlecap Figure
*Zigzagoon Standard pose Pan Sticker
*Anything that I don't have already, I'm not sure what items they have so show me!~

Sentret/Furret Items:
*Furret Kart Figure****
*Sentret Clear Kid
*Furret Clear Kid
*Sentret Tail Clear File

Emolga Items:(Anything I don't have on my collection site)
*Emolga Soapy (Oh please, help me get this thing off of my want list. I beg you ;3; )
*Emolga paper mask/hat
*Emolga pink foam stamp
*Emolga Pink Retsuden stamp
*Emolga Yellow Retsuden stamp
*Emolga Japanese Light Up McDonalds Toy
*Emolga 15th Anni Pan Sticker
*Emolga (Open Wings) Pan Sticker
HOLY GRAIL: Emolga UnReleased Prototype Jakks Figure****
I am dead serious about finding this figure and it's exciting to say I have a major holy grail for my beloved sky squirrel


*Meowth Pokedoll****
*Buizel Canvas
*Scolipede MPC
*Chandelure MPC

*Torchic line Zukan
*Flygon line Zukan
*Houndoom line Zukan
*Garchomp line Zukan
*Torkoal Zukan
*Donphan line Zukan
*Snorunt line Zukan
*Charmander Piece Zukan

Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking Items:
*Slakoth/Slaking Hoenn Retsuden Stamps *Sobs* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!, I really really REALLY want these already.......*sniff* aaaaah....
*Slakoth/Vigoroth Settei***
*Vigoroth Front View Pan Sticker
*Anything not on my website I will buy!
HOLY GRAIL:Slakoth Metal Figures ;A;

Shroomish/Breloom Items:
*Shroomish Settei
*Breloom Movie Pan Sticker
*Anything not already on my want list.

*May Megablok
*May Keychain Figure w/Flygon or Torchic

*Jolteon Chupa Figure (I'd like to complete my set since It's weird I don't have my favorite Vee first out of them all)
*Luxray European Marble Shooter Figure**
*Absol European Attack Figure

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2.28.31 PM

*Clear Attack Absol
*Clear Floatzel
*Clear Swimming Buizel
*Clear Attack Crobat
*Clear Weavile

*Nidoran Female

Any help on ANYTHING on my want list would be appreciated. <3

Also, I have a few updates on my website but I'm still on the works for adding new items. If you wish to trade website url's with me feel free to comment! I feel like they're a few new ones that I haven't added yet. <3

Click the Image to be transported to my collection website


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