grind3h (grind3h) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Wants!!

Hey guys, thought I'd make a lil wants post since I've been having trouble finding a handful of items I've been looking for!
I'm primarily looking for archen/archeops stuff- my biggest want at the moment being an archeops MPC. I found myself an archen (thanks to this LOVELY comm) but tracking down an archeops has been more difficult. If you have one available or know somebody who does, let me know!
I'm also looking for both an archen and archeops kid figure and archeops dot sprite charm. If you have any other archen/archeops merch, though, I'd probably be interested.

Sorry for the wants post- I'll be sure to take a new picture of my collection soon, since it's been... at least a year since I did it last? Hahaha, whoops!
Tags: archen, archeops
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