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sales: eeveelutions, legendaries, starters + much more!

Hello, comm! I'm still overwhelmed by the number of responses to my post yesterday, and I'm so glad that more people now know about the pracoro dice! I've sorted through most stuff and am doing a clearout of all my dice duplicates. I also got a FromJapan package today, which means far more happiness and sales galore! Lots of people were interested in eeveelution stuff yesterday and I'm happy to tell you that I have a pile of eeveelution stuff today with very unique artwork! (as well as merch of other Pokemon, of course)

  • I was granted sales permission on 27th Oct 2012 by allinia. My feedback. (yes. this is celebratetheday under a new account. mods know about this

Sales are here! (the pics below are previews)

 photo 78d21108-2896-4df6-b6d7-9c2572574c30_zps8407d92f.jpg
 photo 79f4cfdb-aec3-42a0-911e-a94f0dbeaa1b_zpsf9c3f6d0.jpg photo 0eff68c6-bf01-458d-8164-adc8f5a94a6d_zps0fdc7392.jpg
 photo fdbdfd6c-965a-49ed-a2ae-40e82a33034a_zpsfd8b9c5d.jpg

 photo 8496afad-bc5e-4309-b67a-8732c9f52ce8_zpsaaee1846.jpg
Tags: abra, aerodactyl, arbok, arcanine, articuno, blastoise, bulbasaur, charmander, collection, dragonite, eevee, electabuzz, electrode, farfetch'd, figures, flareon, growlithe, gyarados, haunter, ivysaur, jolteon, kabutops, meowth, mewtwo, moltres, ninetales, ponyta, psyduck, rapidash, sales, seel, slowbro, squirtle, vaporeon, venusaur, vulpix, wartortle, wigglytuff, zapdos
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