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Sales Post

Hello again~ Once again Im trying to thin out my collection and start focusing on what pokemon I really want to collect. Its hard to let some of this stuff go, but I know they'll be getting better homes :3

Lots Odds and ends stuff including Rayquaza Shiny kid, zukan stuff, eeveelutions, Kids and more! Come shop! ;3


Paypal only

Paypal fee and shipping are given at total

Please state whether you are in the US, or international so I can quote the total faster for you.

I try to ship Fridays..however I do not drive. If you need an item for a gift, or are moving exct. Let me know! Im happy to work with you. However please keep this fact in mind when ordering..

Haggling is welcome, and not considered rude at all!

*not really looking to trade but may consider trades on: raichu, umbreon, houndoom/dour, shroomish, breloom, absol, shinx, luxray, poochyena, mightyena AND NON pokemon: Okami, Final fantasy 7

Any questions?? Please ask!!


Shiny Rayquaza Kid + Normal Kid 2 pack: 40 dollars


Milotic Lot: Tomy figure (legit) pencil topper, and Kid - 15 dollars SOLD


Rayquaza Lot: bottle cap figure and V Trainer figure( No V Chip): 15 dollars


Gengar backpack (needs box to ship in) flawless - 20 dollars


Lots of Rare Figures~


Espeon TOMY (legit) - 10 dollars

Espeon Attacking Kid - 5 dollars SOLD

Glaceon Kid - 10 dollars

Glaceon Tomy - 10 dollars

Suicune V Trainer with V Chip - 8 dollars


Dialga Zukan - 8 dollars (will dissasemble for cheaper shipping)

Zangoose/Seviper Zukan + Seviper Kid - 10 dollars

Ninetales Battle Muesum - 8 dollars

Guitar Hero ON tour for the Nintendo DS - Like new, barely played comes with everything from the original box

35 dollars (org. 49.99)


Also I can't wait for next week! 216handsbound and her boyfriend are comming to visit me ^__^ I know it will be lots of fun! I havn't seen her in about a year! Yay :3
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