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[Megablock anyone?//]

I have been hard at work on my crafty stuff for quite a while again! I will hopefully have the biggest (and most headache-filled) project out of the way soon now *fingers crossed*.

But for now, I have a question!! ~

I am looking for information on these first three megablocks;

I am aware that Houndoom is from the groudon set, and well, I haven't got fifty dollars to invest in that :S
Anyone got one they're willing to sell to me? |D

:EDIT: I found a set for relatively cheap, the set contains graveller, donphan, magcargo and camerupt as well as the big buildy groudon, anyone up for a group-ish type auction/claims?
Post what you're willing to pay! :0

The common versions of eevee and the plusminus will be arriving at my home any day now, but these three are special poses, and try as I might, I can't find any information on the set they would be in/when they were released/how the heck I search for them! XD

Original context is here.

Any help is muchly appreciated, and rewarded with Gin's special bloody biscuits ^.~

Thanks as always guys ♥
Tags: eevee, houndoom, minun, plusle
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