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Bulbasaur & Squirtle Group Auction Update- the package has arrived!

Hey guys

The large package from the States has arrived in good time- with Bulbasaur & Squirtle goodies inside:

Reservations goes as:
jedi_amara  reserved Squirtle & Bulbasaur Pokedolls, Ivysaur friend & Squirtle/Bulbasaur clippy plush. 
shuriken_chan reserved Optimisticsaur (play by play), & Hasbro Bulbasaur & Bulba Treatkeeper. 
pkmn_mastareserved Ivysaur friend???
killerjaw01 reserved Wartortle. EDIT I hope no-one minds but I've decided to keep the last Ivysaur Friends plush. There were 3 in total- 2 in boxes which will go to pkmn_master & jedi_amara and I'll keep the one outta box (the boxes are sealed so they would be like new!)

Here are some better pics of the plushies- all plushes are in great condition- they smell of incense sticks but other than that they are cool:

Bulbasaur & Squirtle Pokedolls with tags- slight curls on the corners of the tags, & Squirtle/Bulbasaur clipped plush. Reserved for jedi_amara.

Bulbasaur Hasbro Bean Plush & Hasbro Treatkeeper- I have 2 bean plushes 1 which is reserved for Shuriken chan with treatkeeper. Also Optimisticsaur for shuriken chan with slightly worn tag.

Ivysaur Friends plushes- I received 3- keeping the outta box one- boxed ones reserved for jedi_amara & pkmn_masta.

Freebie figures- they look like the Tomys and some are marked Tomy but the colours seem slightly different & they seem more matt than glossy,first come first served choose your freebies if you want one (I think I would limit it to 2 per person- I have kept Wartortle but I can offer any other Tomy figure from my sales to compensate that if required). Shuriken Chan to get Bulbasaur.

If you all want what you reserved here are the prices:

jedi_amara: Squirtle (Doll) is $10.50, Bulbasaurs (Ivy friend, Clippy & Doll) are $4.50 each & shipping is $10 so total would be $34. (Shipping based on 350g Airmail shipping)
shuriken_chan: Bulbasaurs (play by play optimistic, treatkeeper & Hasbro) are $4.50 each & shipping is $8 so total would be $21.50. (Shipping based on 300g Airmail shipping)
pkmn_masta: Ivysaur friend is $4.50 & shipping is $5.50 so total would be $10. (Shipping based on 180g Airmail shipping)

Let me know if you change your mind- if not please send Paypal payment to

On a side note here is what I'm keeping:

And this is what's left over (including another Bulbasaur Hasbro). If ANYONE's interested they are $10.50 for Squirtle or Blastoise, or $4.50 for any of the Bulba plush:
Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, ivysaur, squirtle, venusaur, wartortle
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