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Finished a bunch of commissions!

X-posted to pokemon, sorry if you see this twice. n_n;

blodia, you've already paid me so I will ship out Miltank to you ASAP!
kefanii and ladylegsdarkrai, if you could paypal me now that'd be awesome. Remember the extra 5$ for shipping!

EDIT: firebrand164, I need to talk to you! Comment if you see this, thanks~

Come have a look. :)

Miltank, for blodia! Thanks for being so patient with my wisdom teeth and stuff. ^^;

Sandshrew, for kefanii! I tried to model it after your pic, I hope you like how it turned out~

Shiny Ponyta, for ladylegsdarkrai! She's my favorite one so far. And omg, I love using glow in the dark fimo 8D omg this took forever... I would normally charge more for this but you were also totally patient with the whole surgery thing <33 Thankyouuu~

My favorite part of all of these though has got to be this:

Nighttime*Miltank is good at guarding sleeping children, and consuming the souls of those who would disturb their dreams.
Tags: custom, miltank, ponyta, sandshrew
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