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1. I have a free Jakks Pachirisu plush and a free Jakks Sneasel plush for anyone that wants them. I decide who gets it. It is not first-come first-served. Trades are nice but not necessary. They're both new models with the soft plush, not the cheap cotton/felt issues. I'm more likely to send them overseas or to someone that otherwise can't get them on their own.

2. Is anyone selling a regular Giratina pokedoll? I already have the Origin Forme model, but now I want the regular one too. I figured I'd ask here before dropping the full $35-40 on ebay.

3. I'm looking for any Pokemon Kids and any Feraligatr items, as always. I'm getting close to having just about every Feraligatr out there...! Show me what you have! I'm also interested in Lugia and Giratina, especially Origin Forme, to a lesser extent than my gator love.

4. I dunno, if it's common knowledge yet or not, but the second series of USA crane game plush is out, and it contains all of the pokemon listed in my previous post, along with the additions of Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Aipom. They should be available in the locations listed in my other post. :) They're made by Fun Factory, by the way, and are officially liscenced by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company.

signing out...!
-- Techno
Tags: aipom, bulbasaur, charmander, feraligatr, giratina, kids, lugia, pachirisu, plush, sneasel, squirtle
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