sleepyslowpoke (sleepyslowpoke) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A quick slow update

Hey guys been a while, haven't been around too much due to total lack of funds, ando so just a quick update about some of my recent gets. Haven't been able to get those slowpoke tail items, being completely broke, hopefully I can get those soon when I can get more money. Gah, being poor sucks.

Good news, my collection looks much neater. Got these awesome display cases from the container
store for my birthday, they really help organize, and keep things tidy. Want to pick up a couple more, since my treeko, venusaur collections need them.

New plushies, finally got the zipper pokeball Slowpoke, so derptastic. :)
Also got the slowpoke pokedoll, so love, my little guy got lost in the mail for a bit, being returned to sender, but I finally got him. <3 The slowking came from a GA, <3<3

Pick up this interesting manga, bunch of short stories on the origins of Pokemon cards, and came with a special Jynx card. Slowpoke/bro's story was super cute, I can post some pictures of the manga itself it anyone is intrested, has stories of all the above Pokemon.

I got sales permission now (yay), so be expecting some weeding sales sometime soon. :)
Tags: slowbro, slowking, slowpoke
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