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sales post!

Ok guys, I need to sell this stuff as I just don't have the room to store them and will soon have even less >.<  So, everything still available from my sales post is now open to offers (+ shipping of course, I can't do much about that). 

There's a few kids, a plush, zukan, manga, action flipz and some random things XD  If you're interested in anything, feel free to make me an offer, you can use the prices from my sales journal as a guide if you like. ^^  Oh and if you would like to purchase something, let me know what country you're in and I'll give you a shipping estimate.

I would accept trades but they would have to be Piplup, Shaymin, Manaphy or to an extent Pikachu related since I have areas assigned to those Pokemon collections. =3

Pokemon Kids

All are in mint condition, these are European kids so they don't have a box or sticker.
Sold: Mothim, Glameow.

Oh and in case you can't tell, the one behind Golem (beside geodude) is Cranidos and beside that is Bronzong. =) Just in case you couldn't see them very well.


There are two of these as you can see.  Please, take them away from me, I have too many. ;-; XD


Look at his little uglychu face! <3 He might be funny looking, but I think he's adorable. XD

Issues 1-3 of Surf's Up Pikachu are sold.
Issue 2 of Pikachu Shocks back is sold.
They are all in completely mint condition, the graphic novel versions even still have their stickers (Which I can take photos of if you like) one even has a sticker of the original black jinx which I thought was unusual.


Random shiny stickers, about the same size as the action flipz.

Action flipz

I hope you can tell what they all are, I tried to get a photo where you could see a part of both images.. I hope it worked XD

Yes it's an action flipz folder XD


It's a CD/DVD case if you're wondering =P
Oh and I don't think those marks on the front are dirt as I've washed the cover so many times thinking they were, I think it's the glue or something showing through slightly as darkened patches. =\

Oh and I received my starter zukan and Jirachi charm!! <3 I'll be doing a collection update post as soon as the other post I'm expecting arrives as well =D
All packages have been sent out as well, I hope you receive them soon =D
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