Max (animarelic) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey there!

So everyone already knows about the BK toys, right? And you can buy them for about $1/a piece without having to purchase like seventeen kid's meals, so that's really nice. I picked up the three my local BK had this week and also apparently got an extra Pachirisu.

My question is does anyone know if each toy comes with a specific card, or are they all randomized? I got a Grotle with my Piplup toy, chimchar with Pachirisu, and manaphy with the Dialga card holder.

The reason I ask is because I don't want to open the second Pachirisu unless there's a chance for there to be a different card in there, because I figure someone here will want it and will trade me for it and I'd like to send it unopened if there's no reason to open it, you know?

Edit: The cards are random, which is a little lame but I guess I can understand that.

Anyone looking for a Pachirisu toy? I'd keep the card, but otherwise it's still in the package and stuff. I'll trade for something else small. ^_^ (I like Lugia, Lucario, Milotic & Gallade)

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