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I come bearing QUESTIONS!

Hay yous guys.

BTW, Regice says Whudup.

But my Question is, if these are both play by play plush... why are they the same? Is one of them bootleg? I still have all the tags to the big Char, the little char and his buddy blastoise (who I was told was a PbP also)  are what im assuming to be bootleg. Im wrong I think, but I just would like some light shed on this issue D:

And now to a question that hopefully wont blow up into a debate.

About a month ago, I purchased a box of Kraft macaroni which had pokemon shaped noodles for the lulz, and I looked on the back of the box. I smiled cause it had drifloon... but something was wrong with his face.

Now I thought that it was a little weird. I had never seen Drifloon with a mouth. Americans are notorious for messing up pokemon merch (for examples ive seen on here, the kellogs charmander figures are ugly as hell, there was an arcanine shirt spelled incorrectly, many of the card typo mixups, and in the uk, on the kids box there they swapped space penis and time pony's names.) They even gave drifblim a mouth too.

I dont get it... D: I had been sitting on this question for a month... and then I was browsing someones wonderful floon collection and noticed something that made me have this face >:/

[[ichigo mashimaro? nice choice 8D]]

but look. Official merch, and they has mouthsss. I am le confused. I never saw a mouth in game. I just kinda assumed... the food phased into his mouth or something. @_@ any info on these questions would be highly appreciated. Thanks <3

also i will be formulating my wish list here soon. So... yah :D
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