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Whoa! That is a big bag of Pikachu!!!!

Those are the infamous words I heard a good 20 or so times from various people while I lugged around a HUGE bag of Pikachu merch. Damn you, Anime Expo!!!! DAMN YOU~!!!! I swear, they had so much Pokemon merchandise this year. It was astounding! Luckily, my total was just under $100 for everything, which is DAMN good considering the prices I've seen for the very same items on ebay and other sites.

Under the two cuts will have pics of the HUGE~~~~~~~ Pokemon gathering at Anime Expo and my updated collection! Seriously, I have NEVER seen so many Pokemon cosplayers before! It was amazing! And to my glorious surprise, the Pokemon cosplayers seemed to outnumber the Naruto cosplayers. ^______^ Oh happy day! That never happens... literally.

kaygee84 and I got to meet amirrorstwin! It was fun! :3 Unfortunately, he was the only one who met up with us. ;_; Those of you who were planning with us: what happened? I'm sure you were at the gathering. Who were you, if you cosplayed? If you see yourself in one of the pics, please point it out. We were a bit disheartened that we couldn't meet with any of you. ;_; Not to mention, the Little Tokyo meet-up was a total bust, too. -_-

Anyway, on to the pics! ^_^ Warning: EXTREMELY image heavy!!!

Look, Gin! Volkner cosplay! ^___^ We all were excited to show Gin these pics of Volkner. :3 I have more below. Also, the most adorable Shinx cosplayer was there, as well as Raichu. <3

Isn't Shinx adorable?! <3 She even has the little tail.

And it's... Manchu. ^^;;; That's what we called him. He was giving poor amirrorstwin nightmares. XD At least this Chu stays in shape. Haha!

Kick-ass Wobbuffet costume! <3 And look at the cute Sandshrew costume! :3 kaygee84 went nuts over this one, of course. ;) The one wearing green next to Manchu we believe to be Celebi.

Gym leaders FTW!! Yay for Volkner goodness! ^_^ That guy shoulda been carrying around a Luxray plush.

Adorable Sudowoodo cosplay! :3

Close-up of the infamous Wobbu! :3

Awesome east and west Gastrodon outfits!

Pokemon battle! Piplup vs Mudkip, I think. The Mudkip ended up kicking the Piplup. It was hilarious! XD

Mudkip vs Sneasel! XD

Um... I think this was Mudkip vs Geodude, which happens to be the rock on the ground behind Mudkip. XD Geodude kicked ass!

Raichu vs Shinx! <3 They just yelled each others names at one another. =P "Rai~~~~~~~!!!!" "Shi~~~~~~~~!!!!"

Charmander vs Growlithe! ^_^

Team Rocket fighting over Wobbu! I was at a REALLY bad angle, hence why you can't see Jesse. ;_;

A scene dedicated to VG Cats! <333 Ash: "10 f****** years!!! Take the Pikachu! I have 8 more! I be trippin' balls!" XD We all wished Prof. Oak was there to say the last infamous line.

Pikachu vs Wobbu! He used Counter on everyone and kicked ass! :D

Originally, this was a dance meant for only the Mudkips, but soon a ton of people joined in. It was cute. :3

Cubone, Torchic, and Cherrim. So cute!

Umbreon and Vaporeon. Very elegant. :) The one behind Umbreon and, obviously, Togepi. It was adorable.

Flygon! He was missing the tail and antenna, though. Still, very cute! ^_^

There was also a cute Bellossom cosplay. When she battled, she had a bottle of pink body spray that she used for her Sweet Scent attack. :3 Totally awesome! kaygee84 and I have vowed to cosplay next time. As what, we don't know. ^^;

Here it is! The most famous bag of Pikachu at the convention. No joke, I think I became really popular with this bag. People were commenting so often, my head started spinning. @_@ Things like: "Whoa, that's a BIG bag of Pikachu!" "Where did you get all those?!" "Hey, my friend wants to know where you got (points at certain Pikachu) that Pikachu." "How much did that cost?!" ^^;; There was one Pikachu plush I wanted, but was too late when I came back a second time to get it. T__T It was so cute! I had to lug this thing around and you can imagine how daunting that was.

This one trips me out. It's body is huge, but it's ears, arms, and tail are small as hell. o_O It has a similar tag as the big Manaphy plush I got last year.

Big 2005 TOMY Pikachu! <333 He's so shiny! They also had Mew, Munchlax, and Lucario from the same set. Seriously, I was tempted by them all. ^^;

Overview of everything Pikachu I've gotten over the past couple of weeks. Not all of it is from AX. I swear, the little Pikachu holding the Pecha berry is my fave. <3 He's so freakin cute! :3

One booth at AX had a TON of old school Pokemon stuff. It was awesome! That's where I got the battle figure. It was only $5! ^___^

The figures are from you guys! ^__^ Except for the one on the far left. He came off ebay for only 50¢. Hid origin unknown.

The Pokemon Center bag they gave me at one booth with my 10th Anniversary Pika pokedoll purchase! :3

Non-Pikachu Items:

All the stuff I've gotten from you guys and kaygee84, whom got most of it from Y!J. <3 Seriously, thank you all! My collection is really coming along thanks to you all! :3

Oh, and I can't forget these:

Original Charmander TOMY, Luxray TOMY, and Anime LA LJ ribbon. ^___^

Close-ups of Luxray cuz it's so freakin cool! <333

Grr at the graininess! =/ Sorry! These pics don't do it justice. It's truly beautiful. :3
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