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Whoa! That is a big bag of Pikachu!!!!

Those are the infamous words I heard a good 20 or so times from various people while I lugged around a HUGE bag of Pikachu merch. Damn you, Anime Expo!!!! DAMN YOU~!!!! I swear, they had so much Pokemon merchandise this year. It was astounding! Luckily, my total was just under $100 for everything, which is DAMN good considering the prices I've seen for the very same items on ebay and other sites.

Under the two cuts will have pics of the HUGE~~~~~~~ Pokemon gathering at Anime Expo and my updated collection! Seriously, I have NEVER seen so many Pokemon cosplayers before! It was amazing! And to my glorious surprise, the Pokemon cosplayers seemed to outnumber the Naruto cosplayers. ^______^ Oh happy day! That never happens... literally.

kaygee84 and I got to meet amirrorstwin! It was fun! :3 Unfortunately, he was the only one who met up with us. ;_; Those of you who were planning with us: what happened? I'm sure you were at the gathering. Who were you, if you cosplayed? If you see yourself in one of the pics, please point it out. We were a bit disheartened that we couldn't meet with any of you. ;_; Not to mention, the Little Tokyo meet-up was a total bust, too. -_-

Anyway, on to the pics! ^_^ Warning: EXTREMELY image heavy!!!

Tags: collection, lucario, pichu, pikachu, shinx, umbreon, vaporeon, wobbuffet
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