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Collection Update! 8D

Funnel Cake: This envelope looks familiar.....

Funnel Cake: And so does this bag. What'd Amber get now? D:

Funnel Cake: Za?
Amber's Note: Ahaha. I had no idea what this was when I first saw it. XD;;;;

Funnel Cake: More snacks, a towel, and... Where are the charms? Oh crap! WHERE ARE THEY!? WHERE ARE THEY!? WHERE ARE-

Funnel Cake: Oh. There they are...

Funnel Cake: *poses with the contents of the order* :D

The pan stickers that came in my pan. DAMN YOU REGIGIGIGIGIAS! *shakes fist*
Anyone have any Giratina they'd be willing to trade? :3

Funnel Cake: Okay guys. Amber told us to get up on the shelf.
Zukan: Why?
Funnel Cake: We're reorganizing... Again.
TOMY: But we just did that twice in the past week! D:
Funnel Cake: I know that.

Funnel Cake: That's not going to work... We need to get rid of this damn Regigigas.... :P

Funnel Cake: Much better... Even though Amber's probably going to end up rearranging us AGAIN in the next week or so. It'll do for now.

Got the charms hung up and moved my package doodles above the poster. Although I may move one or both of them onto the zipper of my DS case once I finally get a chance to go out and get a zipper for it. :P

Giratina collection so far. I can't stop staring at the poster. It's so pretty. 8D
My bell plush got voted off the computer for not being able to stand up, so they sit under my monitor, leaning against stuff.
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