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spring sales!

Getting right to the point: I have stuff for sale! There's Eevees, Kid figures and a cute little Substitute Plush! (●´∀`)ノ♡

• I was granted sales permission on 8/8/2012 by allinia. My feedback is here.
• My home is smoke-free and pet-friendy. Cats are generally kept far away from any items, but please take care if you have allergies.
• Send payments via Paypal in USD.
Haggling reasonably is welcome! Please take note of shipping costs.
Holds are on a case-to-case basis. If you're committed to buying (and please say so if this is the case!) and need a few hours or days to pay, that's fine — leaving a stray comment and then not speaking to me for days is a different matter!

• I ship from the US to anywhere within the United States.
• I am NOT SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY at this time. No exceptions this time around, sorry about this!
• Plush will be shipped out as early as Tuesday March 19th — I'm waiting on some mailers to arrive that are big enough to ship them in.
Kids can be shipped out the day after payment is sent.
• Default shipping is USPS First Class in a bubble or poly mailer. Shipping starts at about $1.60 for items less than two ounces, which includes most small plush and figures.
• Though I do my best to protect the items and packages, I am not responsible for any damages caused by the postal service. I've comped various costs caused by their damages and losses before, but I'm unable to this time around — so please ask if you want insurance or any other safety measures added!
• This being said, please let me know if there are any issues shipping and packing-wise, or also just if your things arrived safely!

EDIT: As of Tuesday March 19, all items have been shipped out!

★ Leafeon Pokemon Center Plush — $28 SOLD!
Mint with both tags. Please note that these tags are highly liable to being damaged because of the way they are designed, but I will do my best to protect them using cardboard or bubble wrap!
★ DX "I Love Eevee" Jolteon — $36 EBAY'D
Mint with both tags; hang tag is in a hard-backed protector.
★ Patchwork Minccino — $25 SOLD!
Mint with both tags.
★ Substitute Plush — $75 SOLD!
Mint with both tags. Card will be protected in a sturdy top-loader during shipping.

Here's another shot of SubPlush that was taken in not terrible lighting, for your viewing pleasure.

★ Banpresto "Korotto Manmaru" Ho-oh — $10 SOLD!
Slightly loved, overall in good condition. No hang tag.
★ Banpresto "Korotto Manmaru" Lugia — $12 SOLD!
Mint, no hang tag.

★ Banpresto "Korotto Manmaru" Entei — $10 ON HOLD
Mint with both tags.
★ Pachirisu Canvas — $20 SOLD!
Mint, no hang tag.


Leftovers from my old sales, so all prices have been reduced!
All kids are in good condition unless otherwise noted.
Everything here can be shipped out ASAP after payment is sent.
$2: Whimsicott, Espeon (paint rubs)
$1: Buizel, Breloom, Togekiss, Latias, Porygon2 (paint rubs)
Whimsicott, Togekiss, Espeon + Latias sold!
Buizel + Breloom are on hold!

EDIT: As of Tuesday March 19, all items have been shipped out!

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