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Introductory Post + Picture Stories


My name is [Shadow Coon] and I've been somewhat of a fan of Pokemon since it's debut (though there was a span of three years that, while I peeked at stuff here and there, I just didn't really have much time to keep up with it). I'm male and 19 years of age (will be turning 20 in November). A long time ago, I had a VERY impressive TCG collection (as well as a lovely Charmander plush that I managed to win out of a claw machine on my first try. XD), but during that three years of inactivity, I moved away from home and left the blunt of my collection with my younger siblings. :3

I'm an avid fan of Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, and Lucario, though I lack the fundage to actively gather a collection. I did recently acquire a few particularly fun pieces, which I'm more than happy to share with you guys via picture stories! However, rather than posting... *counts* 20 separate pictures, I'm going to just link to album slideshows (under the cuts, of course). If they don't end up working, just comment and I'll put the images under the cuts. :3

Wild Package Appears!

A Second (Rather Large) Wild Package Appears!

Thank you norkia for the Riolu-Lucario Zukan. I left you feedback this afternoon. :3

In addition to what I do have, I'm currently waiting on a couple of things.

Currently incoming via mail (i.e. these items SHOULD arrive soon, hopefully!):

Lucario Bobblehead and 10th Anniversary Lucario Phone Strap (online store)
10th Anniversary Lucario Finger Puppet (purchased from lineaalba here in the community) Item arrived 7/10/2008

Soon to be coming:

10th Anniversary Lucario Zukan (won it in an auction held by trainer_irene; currently waiting for the user to receive the item so that I may send payment to have it shipped to me).
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