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Sales and an Auction <3


  • I can hold items, but please give me a timeframe as to when you can pay. Generally, I'll hold items up to four days.
  • I can accept trades if you have something on my wishlist, or something I don't have in my collection. I collect Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Absol, and Land Forme Shaymin. :3
  • Please include your LJ name and what you are ordering in the comments in Paypal when sending your payment. I really don't want to get confused!
  • When ordering, include what items you want (obviously), what country you reside in, and your email address. :3 I'll then give you the total.
  • I reserve the right to refuse selling to someone with excessive negative feedback.

Payment and Shipping:

  • I accept Paypal only, sorry. This is for the sake of convenience, and the fact that I can't drive into town on my own to cash a check. If paying via eCheck in Paypal, I'll ship out your item once it clears.
  • I can ship internationally, although naturally that will cost more.
  • Keep in mind that the shipping cost is only an estimate, but I try to estimate as closely as I possibly can to the actual cost to ship. Shipping will usually be around $1.50, plus .30 to cover packing materials. Bigger/heavier packages and international packages will cost more.
  • Since I depend on someone to drive me into town to mail things, it might take me a few days or so to ship things out. But I'll get them out as soon as I possibly can, and I'll let you know when they go out. (Just give me your email address.)
  • Prices not fair? Feel free to negotiate!
  • I'll also list the status of buyers here! Check back to see if your package has been shipped!


  • Scarsofsunlight  -  Kyogre Strap  -  Not Paid; Not Shipped
  • Nekokatsu -  Celebi and Jirachi Mini-Gacha Machines, Jirachi Soft Mascot, Celebi Yurayura Clip Figure  -  Paid; Shipped

~ ~ ~

Mareep Friends Plush! <3 This will be auctioned off, since more than one person showed interest. Bidding starts at $8. Box is a bit worn and obviously opened and has a price tag on it, but the plush itself is in great condition. Also comes with eight year-old candy. (Don't eat unless you like taking risks!)

Auction will end at midnight PST on Saturday the 12th. Auction Over!

Winning Bid: rockettefug 

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