Darkrai ♥er (ladylegsdarkrai) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Darkrai ♥er

BK Toys Offer

I hope this is allowed, but let me know if I'm not allowed do this, please! :)

Hey guys, as you all know the Pokemon toys have hit Burger King! From what I understand of what the cashier told me, they'll be getting 3 of the toys each week of the promotion. I haven't seen anyone else offer this on a larger scale, but since I have fairly easy access to a BK, I'm willing to go and get the toys of your choice for those of you who won't be able to obtain them otherwise. Details under the cut!

If I'm calculating correctly, these toys will be about $5 shipped in a bubble envelope anywhere for one toy, and more if you want more than one. I'll send them as is, so I won't even open them for the card! ;P As a warning, I've gotta say I'm disappointed in how poorly they protect the cards. Even though they come with a piece of cardboard, one of my cards had little indents in it from the toy and the other was like folded in half somehow.. >_> Anyway, let me know if you guys want some BK toys!

The toys they have this week are Dialga, Pachirisu, and Piplup. I need to know by Friday if you want one, since I'm not sure when they start the next week. Here's the link to the site so you can see what the toys look like: http://www.clubbk.com/Toys/Default.aspx

Since I'll be getting these for you, I'm gonna need payment up front with which to buy them, as well. Since they only cost $1, you could send me $1.50 up front and shipping later on, like if you want multiple toys over the next month and want them all shipped at once. Here's my paypal address. Make sure to put your lj name and what you want in the memo! Also, let me know if you'll be wanting to send shipping payment later on for multiples.:


I hope I'm able to help you guys out! ^_^
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