Joy (wereblood) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Cards

A bit of a sales post here, I have some shining that I'm looking to sell, and also some EX cards. I need this money for my trip to Cali so I'm trying to sell all these before my trip on Sunday morning :) 

Shining cards:

These are all taken from the internet due to my lack of camera, so none of mine are actually first edition.
I'm asking $15 a piece for these cards.

EX Cards:

I'm asking $10 a piece for each card.

I also have two un-opened ancient mew cards. I'll sell those for $5 a piece.

NONE of these prices are set in stone, you're more than welcome to haggle with me.

Buying Policy: I accept paypal only. My paypal address is wereblood AT
Shipping: Shipping is included with cards unless you live outside the united states. If you do live outside the united states please reply here first and I will give you an estimate on shipping.

I will be shipping everything out on wither Tuesday or Wensday!

Thanks guys!
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