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Major Collection Update!

This is an extremely major update to my collection! I have finally acquired my original, true grail that I have wanted since I first heard of its release. I'm so excited, you have no idea. I am also going to be extremely busy these next few months so my collection will be stored away for a short time while I deal with the rest of this semester, moving back home, and redoing my room. So this is a grail/get plus collection overview combo post.

Here's a lil preview:
raikou 4

raikou 1

I got my original grail, shiny Raikou pokedoll MWT. Thank you doryphish333! I also got regular Pokedoll Raikou from her as well.
Here is a front view of the Japanese shiny and Regular pokedolls.

raikou 2

Here is a side view showing the similarities and differences, the biggest being the cloud manes. Shiny has a flatter cloud compared to regular's poofy cloud.

raikou 3

And the back. The only complaint I really have is on shiny's tag art the tail isn't reversed/end point pointing upwards but it's incredibly minor.

raikou 4

My three Raikous together completing my Raikou pokedoll collection. They will be very much loved and will be the centerpieces of my collection.

Moving onto the rest of my collection....


An update on my little charm collection. I'm only getting my favorites and as MIP sets only. Growlithe 'With You' badge snuck in there too.


The restart to my kids collection. With these I'm only getting my favorites as well preferably MIP or at least the box/sticker included.

small stuff

My small figure/misc collection. I'm not a huge fan of figures but there are a few I like in particular like zukans and the TFG. I also got these tazos from a member's auction here not long ago because I thought they were interesting.


A little bit of my TCG things. I have a binder full of my favorites and rares along with a shoe box full of trainer cards, energies, and commons. I'm a sucker for the 3 legendary beasts so I naturally needed these tins but I'm missing Entei. I also got a box of shiny collection cards and will only be keeping these three (I was hoping to pull a Reshiram full art card but alas it was not meant to be, maybe one day).


Besides my Raikous I also have these pokedolls. I hope to expand this even further one day but for now it's on hold other than a Reshiram pokedoll I won from a member here just yesterday.


Canvas! These are really hard to resist as they are just the perfect little plush, I just wish I would have gotten them when they came out instead of paying the ever so increasing prices for these guys. These are really the only ones I was after but I may add a few more in the future.


Pokemon Time plush! The whole reason I recently got back into collecting is because of that Growlithe plush. I needed it and it became a relapse of Poke collecting. Ponyta is an old time favorite. I love horses and the episode when Ash finally rides Ponyta without getting burned plus I've had one in every handheld game they were in.


Other misc plush! That Poochy was a mini grail of sorts as a MWT one has eluded me for a decent price for years until recently. I also have the Tomy Jolteon, I'm still undecided if I will complete the Vee Tomy line plush. There is also a pika pair keychain that is just adorable. I also want to get the plush of these and maybe even the tails. Of course there's lastly the original Pika Tomy plush from like 10+ years ago I took EVERYWHERE with me.

pika pair

A better view of the pika pair keychains. SO FLIPPIN CUTE! ~ <3

dx vees

DX Eeveelutions! I know a lot of people have been disappointed with these but I absolutely adore them and will be completing the set as they come out.


And lastly I <3 Eeevee promo eevee stuffs. I love this pillow but I don't want to actually use it which baffles my boyfriend/love of my life. He thinks it's silly to buy things you are supposed to use but never do. Generally I think so too but in this case this adorable eevee will only be on displayed, not tossed around and maybe even ruined from use. The HQ eevee is still one of the best plush I have ever seen pokemon wise and non-pokemon wise. There is virtually no flaws I can spot.


Annnd my collection being packed away until May when I move back home, redo my room, and get a new shelving case to proudly display these lovelies. Since it's only for a month, two max I didn't bother putting cardboard on the tags or placing them in separate bags and whatnot. I was just careful with their placement and took the time to store them gently so they don't get horribly squished or bend their tags.

I'll mainly be lurking until my next post after the craziness is over.

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