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Jakks plush variations

Hi all! It's been a while since you've heard from me--I have a post planned for Friday, actually, so you'll get your wall of text fix I'm sure you're all jonesing for. But today I wanted to share with you an interesting discovery.

I recently added Wobbuffet and Mime Jr. Jakks plush to their respective collections. I wasn't particularly impressed with them, especially Wobbuffet--it was made out of some really cheap material. But they were on clearance, so I figured I might as well pick up the Hasbros of this generation.

Earlier tonight, however, I came across something in in another store that surprised me... amongst some more cheap Wobbuffet was one nice Wobbuffet!!

I'm not up and up on plush/fabric terminology, so bear with me. As you can see (click the picture for a larger image), the two Wobbuffet plush are from the same line by the same company, but the material is much different. One is made of a thin, I want to say nylon-like material, where you can see many thin horizontal lines. It feels cheap. The other is made of a softer material, similar to many other types of good plush--kind of like a lower grade Poké Doll. It looks and feels nicer.

At first, I thought that maybe Wobbuffet was being produced when they made a material switch, resulting in two different types. I wasn't sure how many other Pokémon would be affected by this. But now that I have the two side-by-side, I can see one other big (small) difference--the tag. Flimsy Wobbuffet is from Series 2, whereas nice Wobbuffet is from Series 4. So I guess they simply re-issued them, and this isn't nearly as interesting as I thought this would be. XD (Mime Jr. is probably also affected by this; I didn't buy it tonight, but Series 2 Mime Jr. is actually a mixture of nice material and flimsy material.)

Anyway, whether you want to catch all variations or just the best edition, I thought it might be nice to know.
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