Sara (_nofuturenohope) wrote in pkmncollectors,

From Kaided

oh awesome, h&m designer clothes lol




I Love Weavile's teeth

Pokedoll Party!! 
These are pretty much my first pokedolls ever. (besides shaymin) ive been trying to collect the eeveelution ones for a while.  And now im on my way!!

air mail!!

this was such a hard picture to take, im sure i had my shutter open for a least 2 full seconds.

baby kanga is so cute

I would like to thank 216handsbound for helping me get these zukan!! She took a money order from me and paypaled the person for me.  Also they shipped me her paras zukan and i shipped it to her for free because she is so nice :)

I got one of those burger king toys and my piplup has a black eye lol

my dog stole it!

From warandromance.
This package was full of stuff!!!

eevee stamp and reallllly cute weavile!!!

haha bald eggs

i dont even like eggecutor or execcute, i just like zukan

I love kids too!!!


this next package had a cute little pika drawing 

And free stickers!!

I got a leafeon kid but forgot to take a before picture...because i did this to it!!

I painted the eyes in a rush thats why they are messy...

I was going for a shiny leafeon look but shiny leafeon looks too much like regular leafeon, so i made my own version. I think shiny leafeon should look minty.

i screwed up the feet too

And thanks to the lovely taycs
i now have all of these!! 
I pulled the jolteon star but gave up on pulling the rest out of boosters, so i just bought them.

Beware there are about 30 pictures. Ill have lots more pokemon pictures soon.

Also i have a ho-oh card binder thing (4 cards a page) i was thinking of selling. would anyone be interested in it?
My lovely icon was made by rinkatink and she also made me this one too!
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