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Hey there! (Introduction + Collection)

I figured that I should maybe actually introduce myself. I've been a lurker for quite a while, and I've already purchased some items from you lovely lot already.
(Cheers, skinst_bomb, your package arrived today! Thanks for the omake Coil card!)

So my name is Cally, but I'm also known about the place as (though mostly for music related stuff only.) I've been a fan of Pocket Monsters since it began, had a small falling out with it after primary school, fell in love with it again rather badly in my final two years at college thanks to FireRed.

Since then, I've been collecting plushes and figures of the little beasties rather frivolously and have managed to get myself quite a collection in such a short amount of time. I tend to not be particularly picky as to what I like to collect, but I have a huge soft spot for psychic and ghost types (my main team in game expresses that, along with an extreme love for Giratina). I've also fallen in love with collecting the TCG again, and it's become a rather expensive but cherished addition to my already over-crowded room. I tend to be a pain in the rear when it comes to pokemon names to boot. If the item came from Japan, I tend to refer to them by their original names from there. If the item is in english, and clearly has it's name on it I say that. *facepalm.* Generation IV tend to always have Japanese names from me, because I hate 90% of the english names they came up with.
See, I'm just persnickety. XD

NB: This is an abridged photo section. For I have too many things I like to photograph. Many photos are small since there are a lot and I don't want to kill you all with huge images since there are ELEVENTY BILLION.


The small collection. Minus one there, as I forgot to put them on there. They fight for space with my incredibly large BioHazard/Resident Evil collection for desk-space. Box pedestals are to be covered soon with paper. Thank you, Oppenheimer, for shipping victorinox knives in those, because they're the perfect thing to display Zukan on. Just the right width and you can change the heights. I've got the Yonowaru line coming, and the Yukimenoko line coming as well. :D

Angry flying burds and a not burd. The Mukku family were my first Zukan.


I have about 30 more kids on their way in the post. My desk will be covered with so much cute. Also, random cute Yoshi toy my partner got me.


There are so many of them!. Current storage methods include: two huge bags. HUGE bags. They like the bags, they're cosy. A lot of them who end up in the biggest bag try to earn brownie points so they can hit it up big time with the lot who are in the smaller bag whom are my most cherished. XD All are soon to be suspended on my ceiling though with teddy tidies. For the win. (Pardon dodgy lighting. It is 2300hrs over here.)

Salaz + Nica <3

Esper + Repse <3

Master Giratina <3

Hera + Selkhit <3

EPIC Parukia + Myuu <3

Emuritto, Yukushii, Agunomu + Sheimi <3
Sheimi has an interesting story in this household. She started as my personal lap-hedgehog while I was gaming on the day that she arrived to the far away shores of Australia. As the night went on, she had the rest of the family gushing over her. My father likes her the best and often likes to steal her at night when he's out watching the TV. My partner also likes making her hide on my WiiFit mat that goes under my Balance Board. She blends in perfectly. I found her one morning on her little grassy back trying to blend in with the actual white balance board. She is adorable. She squealed to me from Japan from Kobataka's store to take her home. I'm glad I did, as I admit the Pokemon Centre one... freaks me out a lot. The face is so creepy :(


Pokemon 10th Anniversary Collection. All stunningly framed to preserve and display them at the same time. I love this set to pieces, and I have the movie 11 set on order (and need to get the ticket card when that comes out) along with plans to frame that set as well.

Many folders full of many cards. Oh yes. Eventually I'll get to scanning them, but they may not turn out well due to me being rather protective when I store them and I double sleeve all my cards. Singles into the thin ultrapro platinum premium sleeves, then into the 9/18 card pages, then into folders which are kept under my desk. All my cards are english, but I'd like to eventually branch out with more Japanese cards, they're just a bit harder to get in sets and I'm a bit too poor to afford some of them ;o;.

Tins full of cards. Very full. Pile of cards to be sorted into folders. Majestic Dawn booster box holds my spare sleeves. Also: Southern Islands yay.

DP4 Great Encounters + DP5 Majestic Dawn. Majestic Dawn set is complete (in Reverse holo as well) bar Garchomp Lv. X and Glaceon Lv. X.

DP1 Diamond and Pearl + DP2 Mysterious Treasures. MT is complete, with all Lv.X cards including Time-Space Distortion. Reverse holo set is awesome.

Jumbo Darkrai + Base Set

Secret Wonders <3 Best Gardevoir card-art to date is in that set, IMO.


Parukia original painting my MissMonster. This is a very treasured gift that was given to me by my soul-sister techno4tomcats. She has the matching Dialga, and we're thinking of getting a matching Giratina (perhaps a pair, one Another Forme, one Origin) when she is available for commissions again.

These two books are life-savers. Both have varied information, so having both of them is like having Bulbapedia in my bag most of the time. In Japanese. Yay :D

Parukia DS Carry Case + Giratina silicon skin. My partner is such a sweetie and got me the skin, as I had been waiting for it to come out for ages. He has the Sheimi one on his DS.

The only Chou Getto I have to my name. Of all ones I actually scored out of the gatcha machine, it was muumaaji. I was stoked :D

Parukia + Diaruga pre-order figures. Giratina is going to go in the middle, atop the camera. Oh yes.

ANRGY BURD IS ANGRY. He sits on my monitor, and occasionally changes which direction he is looking each day. He wobbles about when I type, and I swear if he had real feathers he would puff up at night, lose his feet in the fluff, and tuck his head back under his wing to sleep :3

That's all from me! Epic pic-spam LE END.
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