baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

growing collection, somebody slap me!

What time is it??? Collection update time! Yeeeeeeah!

First off, the Shrews. I am quite proud of how big this collection has gotten.

Right side of the shelf:

Left side:

Pixies! I mainly focus on Mesprit, which I'm sure is obvious from this picture:

And for my smallest collections, Froslass and Nincada line fit together:

Sadly my Lickilicky and Eeveelution collections are not going to be organized tonight, so that's all for now! I am so happy with what I've got, and the things that are coming.

Huge update also coming when I get my 20 odd Skymin items in the mail. WOOHOO!
Tags: azelf, collection, figures, froslass, mesprit, nincada, ninjask, plush, sandshrew, sandslash, shedinja, uxie
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