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I feel like I've been saying "collection / sales post soon!" and it's taken like 3 weeks for stuff to get here and it's still not everything I had expected, but oh well. Maybe you guys can get some fun out of these, because lord knows I'm only in it for the Pachirisu and Skymin. And while the latter isn't going to be posted until next week when my Sunyshore order gets in, I've got my new, rearranged Pachirisu collection to show off!

you'll never guess which one is the real deal.
Not sure how many of you remember the last time I updated (ancient history lol) but about 2 days ago, I spent an hour in my 90-degree room taking everything off these shelves and placing them in nearly a complete opposite position. The plushies used to be on the right side! I have no idea how I'm gonna fit more stuff here. Here's a question: If you collect a specific Pokemon (your main focus one), do you have everything in one place like I do? Or do you spread it out onto different places? I'm thinking of buying another shelf-box but I have no idea where I'd put it... finding a spot to showcase my Skymin collection will be tough enough. @ _ @;

Of course my collection could never have been possible without this amazing community~ you all ROCK.

...and um.. a big grin to anyone who may have witnessed Ash saying "Whoever smelt it dealt it!" on Cartoon Network earlier this week. I was laughing so hard, and my mum was shocked that they would use that line on the show... because like 'fart' references on kids' shows weren't really around until long after that episode had aired... and yet I just noticed it now? XD
((ps the episode was "Mother of All Battles" in case you were wondering))

And the other thing I promised, my as-well-organized-as-it's-gonna-get and completely redone sales post!! now with stuff people might actually want! 8D
(and if you're wondering about the lame title, it's because of this new habit I've developed in which I am to say "epic fail" after every unsuccessful event)

So that's just about it for today I guess.. tomorrow I will have completed my first week of summerschool (yay?) and then on Saturday I'll check in at Newbury Comics to see if they've stocked any more Amada stickers. The man who was there last Saturday was very helpful and said that, while the most recent series is out of stock, they will be getting the new packs WITH SHAYMIN + SKY FORME in within the next month! Yee I'm so happy for that. I recall someone here mentioned Skymin to be the "secret rare" of the set? I'm interested in where you got this information, and I'd love to learn the release date of the stickers as well -- if you know it. Thanks!

Have a nice Friday + weekend, everyone~
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