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Collection update!!!

Here's an update taht I've been meaning to do since the beginning of June. Most of this I got at A-kon (local anime con here in the D/FW area) and then I have some stuff from work. Anywho, onto the stuff!


My two UFO plush that I got. They both come from the same set as my Azelf plush that I got from Gin. Now I just need one more for a complete set! Yay!


Plush from a series called 'round plush' They're so freaking cute. They're about 3 inches tall. I have to re-glue Turtwig's back legs though, cuz they fell off in my purse the other day. I'm just missing two from this set. Pikachu and Chimchar. Now if only I knew where I could find them.


Darkrai friends plush, Darkrai kid and and Mespirit kid. That friend plush was an awesome find! I'm so happy I got him too. They had 3 of them. *huggles friend plush* My only friend plush.... So cute...

That's it for stuff from A-kon. Now for work stuff.



Front and back from Darkrai event poster. Yay! I so love this thing, even with all of it's text.


Vallance sign (the signs at the top of shelves), old poster from when D/P came out, and one from when Battle Revolution came out.



The display from when MD2 came out! This thing is just awesome! In the first pic you can see the front of the lower part of the display that stuck out a bit. The round thing has a bit that spis on it (or at least it's supposed to spin. It always stuck, and after kids got at it it just never worked properly). It's supposed to show you randomly what pokemon you'd be. Above the round thing is actualy the back part of the display that actualy stays on the shelving unit. Then in the second pic you can see the sides. I also have the little strips that go on the shelf that have the logos on them. Really cool. Unfourtunately, there was NO WAY for me to take this down without tearing it some... Bah... Sucks... I have no clue what I"m going to do with it though. I don't have enough room to display it anywhere.

Well, that's it. Hope you guys enjoyed! See you all next time!

PS: sorry that some of the pics are sideways. I tried to rotate them with photobucket, but evidently it didn't take. Grr...
PPS: Or maybe it did work.. Weird... Well, if on someone's comp they come up sideways, I apologize. ^^

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