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Fire Horsies

So, after a fun week of vacation, I return to post a collection update, as well as some fun paintings I did the other day.
Also, a quick shoutout to growly - I got my package in the mail while I was out of town, and it arrived safe and sound ^^

Yay collection update :D!

Ok, so he's not a Rapidash, but he's cool enough to hang with Blitz and Sparkler.

At his invisible feet...

Clear Rapidash kid! As well as a regular, and a dice game :3

Moving on to the left.

Battle!Ponyta, joined by some advanced gen bento items, DP chopsticks, more rapidash kids, clear tiny!dash figure from growly, the Take Down Ponyta kid, and two more dice games ^^;

To the right~

Sealed Coro Coro e-Reader promo Rapidash. There's a billion versions of this Rapidash promo, or at least it feels that way :3 Also accompanied by the fire pokemon tin, Ponyta Battrio coin, and the Ponyta and Rapidash magnets from growly .

Just above-

super small floon collection additions. Drifblim battle link figure XD He'll headbang you to DEATH. Also, Drifblim keychain, Drifloon chou get figure, and a Drifloon card of unknown origins (he's got a 1st edition & DP5 stamp, but not a promo stamp? oO Idk.).

Not in the original picture, but still fun.

Two different sizes of card binders with Rapidash X3

Not much else to update card-wise, as I'm still pretty behind.

Still, looking at these makes me so happy :D

But not as happy as this:

And a few shots of my somewhat organized shelves:

'Dashes and 'Floons~

Everyone else ;D

Something else came in my packages, for ladylegsdarkrai :3 It seemed appropriate the bell plush she made for me was there to greet it~

Rita & Shirley: o_o ...wait, there's others like us? THIS COMPLETELY CHANGES OUR OUTLOOK ON THE WORLD.
???: omgpleaseletusout D: *can't breath*
Sparkler: 8D Sorry, dudes. You've still got another trip to make.

And finally, I was struck by a sudden urge to paint the other day, and here's the results.

Both are going to friends ;D I'm still debating about doing a backing for the 'C', as there wouldn't be much to fill the whitespace other than Lugia's wings and legs.
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