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group auction for lotto items!

Hey guys. Okay, I swore I wasn't going to try another group auction until my last, err, THREE, went through... but they're in the mail to my house now and will be dealt with soon, this amazing lot popped up on Y!J that I think a lot of comm members would be interested in... SO HERE WE GO.

It's basically all the new lotto items in ONE. BIG. LOT.

This auction ends in 2 1/2 days, and BEGINS at 16800 yen. For those who don't know, that's about 168 dollars. After fees, it'll probably be a lot more than that, with shipping from Japan. So, these will not be cheap items. HOWEVER! They are super rare, and you will probably not get them outside of Japan through a legitimate source.

Having said that, let's go!

First come, first serve. Payment will be once Crescent Shop gives me my totals, probably on Monday or Tuesday. That's when the prices will be set in stone... I promise they won't go up by more than two dollars at most. They may even go down!

Every item that says 'POSSIBLY' two, I am not certain if there are two because they appear twice in the pictures, but that may just be auction madness.

Shaymin items:
Shaymin Tomy plush: around $20 - RESERVED for Sui!
Large Shaymin Keychain (possibly x 2): around $10 - Line: sonicelectronic,
Shaymin plush (bag?) (possibly x 2): around $10 - Line: sonicelectronic, shesatiger, meowthcollector

Skymin bowl: around $10 - Reserved for Sui!
other skymin items: miiine

Giratina items:
Giratina keychain (possibly x 2): one RESERVED for Amber, one available: around $10 - Line: kamikaze_drag0n
Giratina desert bowl (possibly x 2): one RESERVED for Amber, one available : around $10 - Line: kamikaze_drag0n, eknock
Giratina huge figure! - around $100 - Callyfin

Dialga bowl (possibly x 2): around $10 - eknock

Pikachu items:
Pikachu keychain: around $10
Pikachu neck bag (possibly x 2): around $10 - Line: yaoi_queen
Pikachu plush (bag?) (possibly x 2): $10

And in the meanwhile, I'm going to sleep. Post your requests for reservation and I will get to them in the morning! Remember, first come, first serve.
Tags: dialga, giratina, pikachu, shaymin
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