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Group Auction: Rare Shaymin/Skymin Lottery Items

Please also see keffani's lottery items post! She's got a group auction going to that is similiar, but has Pikachu, Dialga and Giratina stuff. Let's hope we can both win! ^_^


I wasn't going to go for this originally, but my husband really wants the lottery Shaymin plush, so I decided to try and go after one. The auction ends in about a day, so we'd have to make this quick!

More details are under the cut!

Items will be held on a first-come-first-serve basis, and payment'll be due within a few days (once I get my SMJ invoice), and you must pay me via paypal so I can pay them off. Shipping is not included in these prices.

If the auction is pushed up, I may ask for a few more dollars per item, but I will do that prior to bidding higher to make sure it is okay with all of you. Just keep this in mind as a possibility that I may ask, since I am not auctioning these off. :X

Shaymin Plush - lineaalba
Shaymin Bowl - kiraras_lemon - $15
Skymin Keychain - kiraras_lemon - $12
Shaymin Keychain - castform - $12
Skymin Neck Pouch - kiraras_lemon - $12
Shaymin Neck Pouch - eristell_neko - $12
Skymin Zippered Pouch - taycs - $12

Tags: shaymin, skymin
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