~Crimson Angel~ (crimson_angel02) wrote in pkmncollectors,
~Crimson Angel~

Obtaining the grail.

After seeing others with their grails this past few weeks, I really am thinking that it has got to be “the Summer of Grails” as I was finally able to obtain mine! :3

And so after being beat during bid wars on not one, but two eBay auctions…I finally found one that on there that had no bids at all for the entire auction. :D So happy! I was going to wait until it arrived but I’m just a bit too antsy for that. ^^ (So all I have is the auction photo for now.) I finally will be in posession of the Marill plush backpack. I've been wanting this thing for so long now. (It's sad to think that there was one that was a BIN that I just let go thinking it would always be there. ;_; I've learn not to do that anymore. xD)


I've never seen one with tags, or look so new before. I'm thinking maybe it was a good thing to wait and not fret over those missed auctions since the other two didn't look to be in the best conditions.

I hope to wear it for Metrocon if it comes in time. (So yeah if you are going there and see a someone w/ a Marill plush-pack, come say hi! :3)

Also thanks to garefowl showing me a Y! Japan auction link, I was able to win all
I can’t tell you how much I love this community and it members. :D I know very well I would have missed this since I stopped checking Y! Japan for Marill awhile ago since the only things that would show up were cards and kids. Thanks once again garefowl! C:

rinkatink and digivolution, both of your items were sent last Saturday. (Sorry for the late notice. ^^;) Please let me know when they arrived. Thanks! :)
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