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I don't really collect any one Pokemon in particular, but for one reason or another I really like Treecko and have ended up with a couple of them.

This is my newest one, he just arrived today from juumou! (Thanks, juumou! :D ) He's wearing my nifty little Piplup and Prinplup key holder thingy, which I immediately had to put my keys in because it is so cool.

Treecko tower 8D The one in the middle is one of the little Hasbro ones from a few years ago. I bought him back then as a self-consolation gift after the results of the presidential election came out and he is super soft. I think that is when my Pokemon collecting started, since I didn't really have too many before that. I wanted to take them out to the garden to take pictures but it's raining and wet so the window will have to do. :<

This is something I made recently after seeing an awfully cute Pika backpack on eBay. I was tempted to bid on it, but those tend to be really small and I wanted something I could actually carry stuff around in (wallet, phone, ipod, DS, etc.) so I decided to make one myself, and while I was at it, why not make a Pokemon I really like? :D

Yay crappy cell phone picture :D He's made of fleece and a little felt for some details. I've never made anything plush or plush-like before this, so I'm pretty pleased with how he came out. :D

y helo thar, mudkip

Look away, Mudkip guts! D: Okay, not really. He can carry TONS of stuff. Even though you can't see it all, he's got my wallet, phone, DS, Turtwig stylus, tiny notepad, keys, and a Wiimote in there, AND there's space left over. A very useful hungry Mudkip, indeed. :O

This is kind of the most awkward angle you can try to photograph yourself at, ever. But he hangs on like so, and is ridiculously cute. :D

Also this is totally unrelated, but after I finished Backpackkip, I made an Uglykip wearing a red scarf to hide how badly his neck was stitched together :D I put him together quickly out of scraps for my boyfriend, who was having a terrible day at work. (He loves Mudkips, too.) Uglykips make everyone feel better! :D

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