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short version

My collection journal is updated, view it with pleasure. Also I will be away for the next week.

meowthcollector version

Hello everyone! It's a happy day for me. I've been a community member now for nearly six months, and I've seen a lot of growth in both myself as a collector and in the community itself; in all respects, it feels like we've come a long way. With refined policy, the introduction of community chat, more interactive posts and projects such as PokéPlushProject and the Bell Plush contest, and an influx of new members, the community has really grown quite strong and impressive over time. We should all be proud of ourselves!

I myself have achieved several milestones! I've now held over 100 transactions in the community, resulting in a feeding rating of over 100 (seemingly the first ever to do so in the community... due in large part to my dogged persistance, I know x_x) and the acquisition of nearly 1000 items. Truly! In a month's time, I do believe I'll have surpassed that number... sick, no? I couldn't have achieved any of it without all of you, and I thank each and every one of you for selling, buying, donating, or just rooting me on. It is all greatly appreciated.

My entire journal has undergone many changes! The front page has been reorganized to be neater and more concise. The individual Pokémonagerie pages have been pushed back off the main page, and are all accessible through one main table of contents entry. The "old friends" page has also been appropriately relocated to Page 0. The table of contents features something you won't find anywhere else on the internet... for now! Can you spot what it is?

Of course, the biggest news is that since my last general update, I have added four pages of collection goodness! There are a lot of wonderful items in there, such as regen's custom plaques, the world's sappiest Togetic, the world's cheesiest Chimchar, a huge Squirtle surge, a cybernetic Ledyba, a Magikarp miniature pancake taiyaki mold, and zukan, zukan, zukan! And much, much more. Check it out!

There have also been several minor aesthetic tweaks throughout the journal. They're nothing particularly special, but with each update I hope to improve the overall experience. I have very big (and very useful) plans for my next big update!

And finally, I will be on vacation from July 12th through the 19th. I don't think anyone will need to contact me, but keep in mind that I will have no internet access and thus will not be reachable until I return. Meowth/Aipom/Cynda/Torchic fans, enjoy a week without me beating you to the goods. ;)

So, all in all, things feel pretty good--and they're only going to get better! Once I return, there will be a fun new community post, I should be days away from posting that gigando gandola update I keep alluding to, and turning my collection of 30+ boxes into a majestic display room may be along sooner than anticipated...

Take care all!
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