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Sales Update!

I have unearthed more stuff from my old collection to sell. How and why I missed these in the beginning, I do not know. ^^; Anyhoo, it's not much of an update, but they are all serious blasts from the past. Including a ISHT load of mini gum wrappers. Please, take a gander. Domo arigatou! *bows*

I apologize ahead of time for the poor picture quality. I don't have the energy to take more pips to improve said quality. I did the best I could.

First up, we have third(?) generation Pokemon action flips in mint condition. They are a bit bigger than the original action flips from the first gen. 75¢ each

Holo stickers! 50¢ each

Psyduck chapstick topper: $1.50
Chingling kid: $1
Manaphy kid: $3

Silver Shellos coin; mint in package: $3

Rare gum holders. I bought these from Suncoast (if I recall correctly) a long time ago. They held little pieces of gum wrapped in adorable Pokemon wrappers (see pic below). They are in mint condition with no flaws. $3 each

Okay, people, as you can see, this is a tray full of crack. XD With any purchase, you can choose up to three little pieces of crack. If you aren't able to see the characters well, let me know what Pokemon you'd like and I'll see if i have it. These are in perfect condition. They will be flattened for easier shipping and to keep them in good shape. As a reminder: they are all from the first generation! These are just wrappers! No gum what-so-ever! I ate them as soon as they were bought. Not very tasty, but worth it just for the cute wrappers and containers. ^_^
TAKEN: Snorlax(I still have one left), Slowpoke, Ninetails

As always, you may combine shipping with anything from my shop. Thanks a lot for looking! Take care everyone! ^_^

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