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Collection update! Plus small grail and Sales <3

Here's some new things! The CD and Munchie plush and the cards and the Munchlax figure came from eBay. The Surfing Chu is amazing and is from Kefanii. :D

:D Under the cut you will find some more pictures of the CD and reorganized collection areas! Also what I got in the mail today. :3

I have updated my sales page, CHECK IT OUT! :D

Isn't this just too cute? :D IT GETS BETTER. This CD is a semi-grail of mine. :3


Look it has a how to draw book inside! :D :D :D



And the back! Every Pokemon that is featured on the front or back of the CD case has a how to draw page. PLEASE ask if you want to see a certain one! :D I will be more than happy to oblige. :3

DERFLAX is what I call this one. He is made by Hasbro and is from May's Elite Pack, a Target Exclusive. :OO

I decided to redo my bookcase because it was too crowded really, and also I felt like my plushie pile on top was too jenga-like (for instance extricating Giant Munchie was very difficult). So now smaller plushies are on the shelves with figures and the Pikachus were moved over to their own place.

Right side!

Left side! :D

Chus! :D (And my Niiiidos <333) Surfing Chu is AWESOME :D :D :D

The little Chu on the left was dug out of a bouncy ball that was all old and yellow and gross. (Don't worry I still have a mint one xD)

Room to breathe in the Plushie Pile! :D :D Yay! :D

I picked this up the other day to learn TCG. :D It's really cool! :D

Cool stuff from seel_trainer arrived today! :D


I can't wait to do a Dratini collection update post... I have FOUR Dratinis that I should have soon... :D :D
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