toastypk (toastypk) wrote in pkmncollectors,


What do any of you know about the fabric used in the Pokeplushes?

At the fabric store near my area, I've bought fleece and felt. Felt is easier to work with, but doesn't yield good results. Fleece is a little too fluffy for me.

Does anyone know what kinds of fabric some of the different Pokeplushes use? For example, the fabric used in the Jakks plushes.

Here are a few examples.
In this Chatot doll. This fabric is some of the coolest stuff.
This Sneasel doll. It's a little bit more furred, and has a distinct nap to it.

Does anyone know about any other fabrics used in other plushes? Like some of the huger, more expensive plushes? I'm trying to make some.
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