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Japantown SFO goodies

So my online friend was lovely enough to come down from Berkeley to take me to Japantown while I'm here in SFO on holiday =) I went in a couple of stores and bought various things, but I've got two Pokémon-related things to show you:

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Buizel keychain. I am actually going to put my keys on this. Don't worry, I take care of my keys xD it was just over $6 plus tax.

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Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai Japanese manga adaptation because darned if the movie is EVER going to come out in England =<

No news about my Chikorita plush from my boyfriend yet, but you just know I'm going to picspam myself with her once I get her xD

So, just out of interest, has anyone else bought stuff from Japantown in San Francisco before?

And, uh, Gin, I bought the first volume of the English D/P manga and thought of you when I saw Roark in it (he's a bit sexy). Do you want scans when I get home next week? xD I'm sure you've probably already seen it...
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