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Hello all! This is mostly an entry to let you all know that I am infact popsixx, but I've used a rename token and am now operating under the username muddle! Just thought I'd let you all know incase you wondered if I had a deranged pink crap loving clone or something~
I've received quite a few items recently, but haven't had time to do a proper photo update, so for now I'll leave you with a single mini photo update of my full collection :3 I'll probably do a more indepth update soon. Anyway..

Here's my collection as it stands at the moment, I went through with my plan of clearing my entire sideboard so my collection has room to expand so it looks kind of messy and empty at the moment all crammed into the corner.

The most notable new edition to my collection is the Cleffa bells plush ('bells plush', not 'bell plush' unfortunately. I'm still questing!) and Clefable Friends plush (I've completed the line :D), both from Animemate. The Cleffa plush shocked me, this picture really doesn't do justice to just how bright pink it is! The bells are hidden behind my Friends plush line at the front, but they're so jingly! As my postman handed it to me, he said "What's inside that thing? It's been making me giggle when I turn corners on my bike" =w=

I also have a few things waiting for shipment from Crescent Shop so there'll likely be quite a large update in a few months (when I dig up the money to ship them DDD:) but until then, do you guys have any more pink crap to sell me? X3
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